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Press Release: SSP trials robotic technology at Belfast International

SSP Group, a leading operator of food and beverage outlets in travel locations worldwide, is trialling a robot service technology to enhance colleague and customer experience at Belfast International Airport. The trial – the first of its kind in SSP UK – sees six service robots deployed later this month at the Sip & Stone Restaurant and Bar.

Working with GW Robotics & Stephens Catering, SSP will test the effectiveness of using the service robots to help servers with their day-to-day tasks, allowing them more time to focus on delivering outstanding customer service. Thanks to this innovative technology, colleagues will be able to spend more time with customers, answering customer needs and providing a memorable experience.

Two types of robots will be introduced at Sip & Stone. A service robot called ‘BellaBot’ will bring food and drinks from the kitchen while ‘HolaBot’ will collect plates and cutlery once customers have left their tables. ‘HolaBot’ can be called remotely by colleagues to clear any section of the restaurant as necessary. Bella Bot is also equipped with a voice and screen system and can greet customers for a true human-robot interaction.

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